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This book lived up to the hype and much more! I was so excited to read it since this author’s previous novel, The Silent Patient, is one of my favorite psychological thrillers. His style of writing captured my attention from page 1 and didn’t let go. I also really liked the cover of this book.
While the main character Mariana seems like a reliable character, things aren’t always what they seem. She tries to help her niece, Zoe figure out who killed her best friend at college. Professor Fosca is the main suspect on Mariana’s radar. He is that flirty professor that is easy for the reader to dislike.
I read a lot of psychological thrillers and thought I had the killer figured out, only to be surprised at the end! I love to keep guessing only to be proven wrong. If you love a guessing game that will keep you up all night reading, this is the book for you!