Better than Silent Patient!

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The Maidens is a dark academia story that follows Mariana, a grieving widow and group psychotherapist. While Mariana is coping with life after her husband's death, she receives a call from her niece, Zoe, at Cambridge University. Zoe is frantic as she explains that her friend has been murdered. When Mariana arrives on campus, she starts piecing together the murder and grows increasingly suspicious of a professor at the University who is known for his popularity among the young female students and his curious obsession with Greek tragedy.

This novel was a slow burn, full of rich atmosphere from start to finish. Each character seems capable of bad deeds and Michaelides truly makes it impossible to pin down our murderer through the end. There was also a nod to Michaelides' previous novel, The Silent Patient, which I think readers will enjoy.

Unfortunately, this book was just too slow building for my personal taste. While it is critical to the atmosphere of this novel, I personally enjoy a more fast paced, heart throbbing thriller. This costs the book stars for me but I think it is important to note that fans of slower, more atmospheric thrillers will likely devour this one! I also think that even though this releases in June, this will be a great read for early fall!