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We’re introduced to Mariana Android she’s a group therapist, whose struggling as much as the patients she’s trying to heal. She recently lost her husband a year ago while on a trip in Greece, and everyday is a struggle. When she receives a phone call from her niece Zoe whose studying at Cambridge University, Zoe is panicking and scared her friend and roommate Tara was found brutally murdered. Mariana arrives at Cambridge to help Zoe. When Mariana meets the American professor Edward Fosca, she’s immediately suspicious by the much loved professor, he has a group of female student that are part of a secret society named The Maidens. Mariana decides to do her own investigation, soon she’s entangled with The Maidens, Greek Mythology and mysterious postcards. When another murder happens and it appears to all lead back to Edward Fosca, Mariana begins to wonder will she be the next victim and is this a Greek tragedy come to life? My head was spinning just when I think I had the culprit I was wrong, I loved the crossover characters from The Silent Patient! I felt like I was walking the paths around Cambridge, with how descriptive the author was describing the gardens and bars. Five stars!