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While this was a very quick read, it wasn't a good book. I can't understand how our main character was constantly interfering with the official investigation and instead of being told no, she is almost encouraged to do so by the officials. You may wonder why? Well, it turns out that every single male she meets falls instantly in love with her instantly and therefore loses all capacity for logic or even thinking. Also, our main character herself has a great deficit of logical thinking: she knows there is a murderer on the loose and she knows she has a stalker, yet she sees absolutely no problems with venturing into a dark forest in the middle of a night, all by herself, without telling anyone where she is. Overall, I found this book a big step down from author's "Silent Patient. The plot itself wasn't good and it was very clear form the very beginning that while the author kept hammering into our head who the murderer is, it wasn't that person since there was not a single shred of evidence against them.