A Better Than Expected Follow-up to The Silent Patient

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The highly anticipated follow-up from the author of the Silent Patient is here! This novel revolves around the murder of a college student at Oxford, her mysterious professor and his exclusive study group of beautiful young women called "the maidens."

If you like dark academia books, you will love the creepy setting of the classics department at historical Oxford University. Michaelides' first novel heavily relied on Greek tragedies and I would say The Maidens goes even further. For me, this was a huge reason I enjoyed the book. Michaelides has a way of crafting his stories so you can't quite get a handle on what is going on but also keeps you too intrigued to stop.

Strong characters, a sinister setting, plot twists aplenty and a reference to the world of The Silent Patient make this a good (not quite great) read for anyone who enjoyed his first novel.