A Totally Tantalizing Look at an Enticing Book

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Mariana is a group therapist who has suffered a great loss in her life. Someone named Sebastian has died and she is having difficulty releasing him. Then, there is her therapy group which includes a man named Henry who is deeply wounded by his past and seems obsessed with Mariana. Finally, there is Zoe, a girl whom Mariana addresses as “darling” and who wants her to watch the TV news right away. All of this was so engrossing that I was lost in these first pages of the book. I want to know more about Henry and what will come of his obsession with his therapist. I want to know more about Mosca, whom Mariana introduces in the prologue as a murderer, but we don’t meet him in these first chapters yet. Maybe he will be in the news story? Deliciously inviting and totally tantalizing first view of the book and a doorway into a new adventure with characters on the road to discovery themselves.