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I was looking forward to The Lost Girls of Paris and I was not disappointed. I had read Kate Quinn's The Alice Network and many years ago, I had come across a book The Spy Wore Red, by Aline, Countess of Romanones. It's based on her years as an American spy for the OSS during WWII. I've always had a fascination with espionage, especially female. Ms. Jenoff's tale is a real page turner. I liked the dual timeline. Grace in post war NYC who stumbles upon an abandoned suitcase at Grand Central which leads to the girls and their story of going from being mothers, secretaries, orphans, daughters, and sisters to being behind enemy lines in Occupied France as radio operators, bomb detonators, and couriers. The story of the girls focuses on Marie who speaks French, having had a French mother, who trains to become a radio operator. Marie is very introspective and harbors plenty of her own secrets, but shows her strength and intelligence when faced with life and death scenarios in Occupied France. Eleanor Trigg was an interesting contrast as a leader of the girls. She's hard on them, has high expectations and yet, she goes to the bitter end to find her girls when their cover is compromised. This part of history needs to be told and I'm glad authors are now doing so. The bravery these women showed is every bit as heroic as the men. Thank you for the ARC. All opinions are my own