Three very different women, devoted to country and those they love; a brilliant beginning!

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Even "First Looks" like this make me realize how much time I wasted hating history in school. Long an adult now, I find fascination in it - in particular, tales of WWII as it never ceases to amaze me how the Nazis came to such power. Years ago I fell in love with "The Bletchley Circle" on television, and how it showcased how equal women truly were in the war effort, with total devotion to their country.

In just 18 pages am already loving Grace, Eleanor and Marie - and how in such a few pages each of these woman springs forward as her own character. I find even more fascination with Grace's story taking place after the war is over, and how it ties in with that of the other two ladies (VERY clever, the "Trigg" on the suitcase, DYING to find out how that case got in Grand Central Station in my favorite city in this country!). I think anyone could relate to Grace, to Marie's innocence but curiosity about how to find purpose where she least expects it. Even Eleanor, who comes off a bit more of a cold fish in these early pages, is fascinating; you want to know her story, as well.

VERY anxious to read the rest, if an 18-page intro can define these strong, brave women so well!