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I was not expecting this book to begin the way it did and wow it was phenomenal! I feel like there aren't too many books that begin with such intense and urgent starts, but I loved this. As soon as I finished the first page there was a feeling of urgency and anxiety bubbling in my stomach as I felt something major was happening with the characters already. The way the tension began at the start and trickled and held throughout was fantastic, I love a book that has me on the edge of my seat, not knowing what I'm waiting for, but all the while excited about what is to come. After reading the excerpt I've fallen in love with this world, the way it's described is so beautifully written and really helped immerse me into the story. The incorporation of the different elements with the tribes was so cool and I enjoyed that as well. Overall from what I read of the excerpt this was fantastic and I'm very excited to read the entire book!