It wasn't what I was hoping for.

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The Lost Dreamer is a dual perspective story that follows Indir and Saya on their different journeys and experiences entering the non-waking world called the Dream. It follows both girls as Indir has lost her ability to Dream and Saya is discovering what her abilities truly are and slowly gaining the freedom to test them out.

I wasn't able to get very far into this novel. For some reason, the reading experience just wasn't engaging enough for me to finish the book. The writing is decent, but I just found myself not being able to focus on the text and wanting to pursue other things instead. I think it's because by 30% of the book, nothing has really happened yet. There's a lot of prophecy and foreshadow going on, but nothing really substantive has occurred yet.

I really wanted this one to be a winner because I love the premise, and the cover is absolutely stunning. For now this one is going to be a DNF for me. I hope other people love it as much as I wanted to!