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Indir and Saya both have the ability have dreams that can let them see things, answer questions and potentially help those around them. This story is told is alternating points of view. Indir lives with her family in a temple and are seers in her community. After the death of the King Indir has a secret while her world is slowly being thrown into upheaval. Saya has spent her life constantly moving under the control of her mother who has used Saya's powers to her advantage.

I thought this was a very interesting story though it took me a bit to fully get into both stories. It kept me guessing how they would merge until the end. Lots of time was spent on world building which I liked. both sides of the story were set up nicely with interesting characters. It was also nice to read a story set in Mesoamerica. the end left me wanting more which I hope will be resolved in a future book.