Great Series Start

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Indir is a Dreamer, a seer that can see the truth within her dreams. When King Anz dies, his son, Alcan, comes to Alcanzeh determined to put an end to the Dreamers. As changes come to Alcanzeh, including the arrival of a strange comet, Indir must make a difficult decision. She either has to stay and fight for Alcanzeh and the people that reside there, or leave Alcanzeh to fight for her own survival.

Saya travels from town to town with her mother, Celay, helping the citizens while hiding the truth about herself from everyone. Saya isn’t a Dreamer, but she is a seer. Sadly her mother claims Saya’s tallents as her own as they help–or hurt as Celay sees fit–people before taking off to the next town. When Saya loses a necklace she has worn since birth, she learns more about herself, Celay, and what has led them to live the lives that they do.

I liked the story that The Lost Dreamer told, but at times the narrative seemed to drag. It felt like there were events that didn’t feel necessary–maybe they will come into play later–and made things longer than I felt they needed to be. There are a lot of characters, almost too many to keep track of without a “cheat sheet.” I adored Saya; her strength, determination and willingness to face things head on are admirable qualities. Huerta’s descriptive language is very effective and creates a wonderful world for the reader to enjoy. I can’t wait to see what is in store for Saya and Indir as their stories continue.