Enjoyed but slow

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If world-building is your favorite thing this book is for you. However, if you prefer your books to have a fast pace and lots of action- this isn't what you want. In The Lost Dreamer, the author spends a lot of time building this amazing and unique world that is vibrant and diverse. The magic system in this book is awesome, with lots of mythology and cultures all created by the author. The thing that annoyed me though was how slow the book was. There was minimal action as the author's priority was clearly on setting up this world and the main characters. Unfortunately, I think the slow beginning of the series might dissuade some readers from coming back for more, even though I imagine the second book will be much more action-focused as the world is now done being set up. Overall, I wish there had been a better mix of action and world-building, because so much of the book felt like a lead-up to what comes next.