Dream State

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The first two chapters of The Lost Dreamer are quite an interesting introduction to a whole new world. Parts of this world seem similar to Mayan and Aztec culture, but the mention of 'the Dream' also make me think of Dreamtime in Australian Aboriginal culture. The first chapter begins with powerful dreamers-the seers and priestesses-of various clans throughout the region. Each of these dreamers are powerful women who advise kings and foretell the future of their kingdoms. They witness the passing of a king and fear for the new king who is to take his place. Clearly it appears to be a turning point that could lead to danger if not handled carefully.

The last chapter is, I believe, about the 'lost dreamer' the title refers to. A mother and daughter make their way traveling from village to village getting paid for their 'help'. The daughter is a kind soul who inherited her mother's ability to go into the Dream. Unfortunately, the mother lost her ability to do this when her daughter was born. Still, the mother pretends she has the gift and isolates her daughter from the rest of the world. Not only does she take credit for her daughters' gift, she often misleads people seeking help from spirits in the Dream for material gain or her own enjoyment. While this is all that is clear from the bit I read, the originality of the writing and the storylines which will eventually merge ensure an intriguing and exciting story to follow!