Cool but missing something

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I am a bit conflicted with this book. I think that it is cool that is based off Mesoamerican lore and I really liked Saya's parts which seemed to flow really nicely and I was always interested in what she was up to and how she traveled in the Dream and learned the truth about herself. That part was nice and smooth and easy to get through. I like her version of the Dream better with all the spirits. I wanted more of that.

However, I kept having to take breaks when I got to Indira's parts which to me at least, were confusing and I just didn't really care as much. I think the biggest part of that was that there was so much info dumping about the dreamers, the fire warriors and all the parts of the city and all the different people. The Ilkan were cool though, and the Litex.

Not really a fan of the twist at the end either. There was so much build up about the lost dreamer and then it kinda fell flat, at least to me. I am glad that there was a bit of an ending, though there is definitely enough unanswered questions for that next book. I don't think I will be reading it though.