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IMO it was a little too long. A lot of the stories were very similar and you never really got into any particular character. The writing was a little jumbled which was to be expected. Additionally, I wish it was a lot shorter. I read it half way, then had to put it down for a while before finishing the book. I think it could have been half as long as just as good if not better to focus on the characters a little more.

Now to stuff that I loved about this book! I loved the plot itself. If you love zombie fiction, then you will love this book. It blends scientific to just regular people interwoven together. It reminded me a lot of "World War of Z" in the fact that you have many people's perspectives of the outbreak. You kind of get a well-rounded story that way. It was quite unique as well.

I also loved the cover art!

Overall, this book was great. I am going to recommend this book for years to come.