The Life Council Review

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*received for free in a giveaway* after reading this book i am so happy i have a physical copy to share with my life council!!! This was such a great book i read it a single chapter at a time to really sit and absorb it all. Great self and friend help book for sure, not something you'd like sit and read cover to cover for a second time but would be a good book to keep around and read a chapter here and there.

Lots of great life lessons, ways to reflect and so on. I have read a good amount of self-help or similar books and this is certainly one of the best and i have already recommended it to more than one person, including people on my life council lol. Definitely would buy as a gift or for a little library to spread the knowledge. I normally try to not give away anything so i keep my things vague but positive. If you read this i don't think you'll be disappointed!