The book I didn't know I needed to read...

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I am not sure I have read anything recently that I can relate to more. I am navigating the same life stage as Laura Tremaine and can relate to all that she has to say in this book I never knew I needed. I absolutely loved her first book and was not sure I would feel the same way about this one (what more can someone tell me about friendship that I don't already know?) but I was pleasantly surprised!

I really related to this book and have found myself thinking about my life council often since finishing it. It is remarkably thought-provoking.

I personally started 2023 with the goal of more connection. After years of quarantine, limited travel, and less time spent with friends and family, I wanted to put more effort into face-to-face connection and it has already made my life so much richer in just a few short months. A lot of what is written in this book is not groundbreaking but the small truths about grace and showing up for others is where friendships flourish, and we all need these simple reminders.

Friendship and connection is what makes life fuller, richer and joyful and I am so happy I got a chance to give this book a chance. Thanks for the opportunity!