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When I first came across this book, my only thought was so now we should purposely set out to find a group of people whose soul purpose in our lives is to be there only to examine our lives and direct us on the paths we should be on? Isn't my live structured enough already with work, family and the multiple things I have to do every day? A lot of my friends have known me since elementary school; does the author feel that maybe they don't meet expectations?

What I've found is that the book does offer some good points about being a good friend. Perhaps all good relationships could use a bit of introspection to insure that we do take the time to care and be there for other people, and when we step out of line, take the initiative to own up to what happened.I also love when authors share their own experiences, opening up about mistakes along the way and what they learned.

I can't say we really need a certain number of friends, and I don't care to put anyone in a certain category, but I did find this book to be somewhat beneficial.