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Author of “Share your stuff. I’ll go first.” Laura Tremaine put together the ultimate list of potential humans to support and encourage you through life. I received this book through a drawing and struggled to finish reading it. Not because I wasn't enjoying it, but because I have these people in my life. My council doesn't precisely match Tremaine's, but I have spent my adulthood cultivating friendships that are life-giving in different ways. Whenever I tried to pick up and read more, I just wanted to schedule time with my people and "go do life." That said, if you have moved frequently, started a new job, are in a new season, are a new mother, etc., this book would be comforting and encouraging. It does not preach that friendships are easy but worth the investment.

Many thanks to BookishFirst for sending a copy my way. #BookishFirst @BookishFirst #TheLifeCouncil