Friendship memoir

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The author lays out her ideas for the types of friendships that are important for women in all life stages and refers to this group of friends as a life council that will probably change over time. Categorizing friendships helps women identify what types of friends serve different roles and which of these roles may be vacant on one’s life council. She also includes tips for meeting and making new friends and how to identify your friendship values.
I think this book makes some interesting points about having to work at friendships and identifying various niches that different types of friends occupy. It’s as short book but I found it to be somewhat repetitive. I don’t think the author was saying that friendships are so cut and dried to fit perfectly in all 10 categories but she was just offering her own ideas about what is important to her. Some readers may find the information more helpful than others. I see the book as more of the author’s friendship memoir with her reflecting and writing about her own life and experiences.
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