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I love the bright, colorful cover. It really makes the book stand out to me...not to mention it looks great on my bookshelf.

The first thing I noticed, after the cover itself, was the name "Tremaine" and my mind immediately went to Jackass. Turns out, as odd as it is, there is a connection there.

In recent years I have really gravitated towards self improvement books and we definitely excited to get my hands on this unique book. I think I was expecting more of a journal or book of lists that you could go through and check off. I'd say it more so resembles a book of essays detailing the different types of friends and friendships that help complete the author. Some of the specific friendships include long time, day one friends, work besties, new friends, mentors, as well as the yes friend. Each important in their own way. While life and distance can hinder friendships, a yes friend is almost always up for anything. I loved hearing the author's experience with her yes friends and realized that I would like to be more like that friend myself.

Not only does this book give perspective on how to FIND friends and build and nurture friendships but I think it really teaches the reader how to BE a better friend. Great book!