Unique family saga

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Salo Oppenheimer and Johanna meet in the most unlikely of circumstances, but manage to form a relationship, then a marriage. While Johanna falls in love first with a fabulous Brooklyn house, then with the idea of motherhood, Salo remains devoted to his own true love—art collecting.

While Johanna maintains the illusion/delusion that they have a happy family life with their triplets (who barely tolerate one another), Salo finds someone else to love. And Johanna unfreezes their frozen embryo and finds a surrogate.

Ostensibly a novel about this last child, the eponymous latecomer, this is really a family saga and a story about New York City’s transformation. Salo is impenetrable and seemingly uncaring, while Johanna cares too much. Salo is strangely reminiscent of Tom Buchanan—oblivious to those who destroys. THE LATECOMER’s characters will stay with you long after you finish the story, with the secondary characters far more compelling and sympathetic than the protagonists, #TheLatecomer