Range of Emotions from A to Z

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The Oppenheimers were a complex family. Johanna was desperate to have children I felt her husband Salo was lukewarm but was willing to go through many IVF trials. She finally became pregnant with triplets. From the beginning there was no loving interactions in the family. The two boys and the girl could not stand each other and grew up as separate people in the same house. Salo was never an attentive father and when Sally the girl was a teen, she saw her father with a beautiful woman. He was living 2 lives. There was another frozen egg so Johanna wanted a surrogate to have the child. Phoebe was born when her siblings were already grown and all they were not interested in was a baby sister. Could Phoebe bring the family together? Did her deceased father take a secret to his grave? Could the family ever heal when they spent their early days hurting each other? A great read. I hope you will enjoy it
Betty Smith