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I honestly did not know too much when I decided to read this book. My only introduction to Jean Hanff Korelitz was The Plot, released last year. That book was more of a psychological thriller, and this one is more of a literary tale. The characters is this were very well-rounded. Korelitz has a way of forming people that you just meet but still feel a connection and a wanting to protect them with all your might. Where this book lacks, in my personal opinion, is the pace. It was a very long book, and I did not think that it needed to be that long. Literary fiction is not usually a genre that I would gravitate toward, and I am surprised that I enjoyed it as much as I did. I honestly think it depends on the author for me, and Korelitz may be that author. I am very interested to see what she comes out with next, may it be a thriller or another literary work..