Negative view on IVF

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I was excited for this book because it talks about the (sadly still taboo) world of infertility and IVF but I was disappointed that it ended up being a bit negative about it all. The triplets hate each other and feel no connection to one another or their parents because they were artificially reproduced? I don’t think that has a thing to do with it (nurture is the issue in this case, not nature) and frankly it puts the wonderful science of ART and IVF in a bad light. I also had a very hard time getting into the author's style of writing. Whole paragraphs explaining the same thing in five different ways is unnecessary. Have faith that your reader will understand what you're trying to say the first 1-2 times. The style felt pretentious and just wasn't for me. The story did wrap up nicely though and had a few unexpected twists, so it gets an extra star for that.