An Unfortunate DNF

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I was very excited when I heard Jean Hanff Korelitz was writing another book because I sincerely enjoyed The Plot. I was even more excited when I won not one, but two copies of her upcoming title The Newcomer! (Thank you BookishFirst and Book Riot!)

I gave this one the old college try, but it unfortunately just was not for me. I am not one to shy away from long books, so while that was daunting, I had no issues picking it up. Sadly, from the very beginning, the wording is lengthy and at times overly complex. While it may be necessary to the development of the book's characters, I ultimately felt like it was a bit pretentious at times.

One note for future readers who may not love lengthy books: this book is 448 pages, but the text is small enough that I'd say it's probably closer to 600.

I will absolutely not hesitate to pick up a book by this author again in the future.