A Book about Family, Finding Oneself and Coming Together

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I absolutely loved The Plot by this author and although I didn't read her previous book You Should Have Known, I did love the HBO adaptation The Undoing, so I was very excited to read this book! I was surprised as I began reading, however, how slow the beginning was for me. The writing was descriptive with much attention detail, which I usually love, but in this case it was almost an overload of sometimes dry narration and back story, with generally unlikable characters. I was nearly reluctant to keep reading, but I remembered how much I've enjoyed this author's previous stories, so I was encouraged to keep reading and I am very GLAD I did! At the half-way point in the book, the individual stories began to come together in a more coherent whole as the youngest (and for me the most endearing) family member comes of age to discover who she is, what is her place in her family and in the world, as she strives to break down the invisible barriers that have kept her family emotionally distant and physically apart. The ending is extremely satisfying with a resolution that gives hope for the future of the family and all of its members.