Unique dystopian story

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I absolutely loved Alie Condie’s Matched trilogy when I read it last year, and was so excited to see her next book offered on Bookish First! This story is very different than the Matched series, but is still an enjoyable read.

The story follows Poe Blythe, a strong female protagonist who perseveres and rises up following the death of a loved one. The setting is a land ravaged by humans. It isn’t considered safe to journey outside the walls of the cities, unless you are working on the ships that mine the rivers. Life is hard, as it so often is, in this dystopian world.

Other elements in this story that readers may find enjoyable:
Pirates: the antagonists attempt to raid the mining ships while they are unguarded.
Mark Twain: a journey of enlightenment down the river
Steampunk: the ship itself, the styling of the characters and setting