Pretty good!

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Objectively, I would probably have to give this book about four and a half stars. It was well-written, interesting, and creative. The plot was amazing and the characters were great. I am not normally a very big fan of adventure books, and it did engage me. . . kind of. I will confess that I skipped through a few pages here and there, but I think that is to be expected. I never really liked adventure novels.
Another issue that I had was with the dialogue. . . it was pretty cheesy and kind of fake. I just couldn't picture real people having conversations like that. It was awkward, cheesy, and. . . yes, pretty fake most of the time.
So I guess what I'm saying is that it was fairly well-written, and the plot was great. It had potential to draw me in, but the awkward dialogue just didn't work for me. I did finish it, so it's not that bad. And it was nice to find a clean YA book. Those are rare these days.