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I loved this book! It was a great quick read and it sets up very nicely for her previous series named Matched. This book is great for getting out of a reading slump and I loved the characters. The main character is a fun 17 year old girl that I loved to read about. I also enjoyed the setting of this book a lot. Normally I do not enjoy books that take place on a ship and are more in the adventure genre, but I absolutely loved this one. It was captivating from the start, and I could not put it down, especially once I got to the last 3rd of the book. Another thing I really liked about this book is I went into it with little knowledge of the plot, and the book really surprised me. I would say if you enjoyed Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller, you might also enjoy this book as well. Overall I think it is a fun read and I would recommend this book! I also think this book would be a good intro into the ya genre.