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The Last Voyage of Poe Blythe is another great contribution from Ally Condie. It isn't the romantic, relationship-driven story like in Matched - here, the love of the main character Poe is already dead, and his memory drives her forward fiercely; she is afraid to make attachments; it is an emotional read. Poe is a different character than I am used to: she is hard, shuttered against love, intent on revenge, single-mindedly focused on her creation. Yet I loved all the characters, though they are all shrouded in mystery and always keep me guessing.

Condie's other series, Matched, is one of my all-time favorites. The writing in The Last Voyage is just as good, and it sucks you in. It is a slower read than Matched, at least in the beginning, because it is so different, but well worth it. The world described makes me crave more and I eagerly await more - I hope there is a sequel! I was blindsighted and didn't even catch a reference to the world of Matched until it was revealed, but that connection made me very happy.