Intrigued to Say The Least

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This story centers on Poe Blythe, a girl who is desperately seeking revenge. I definitely liked the writing style at first. It isn't too descriptive of the story's world that loses the reader which I appreciate, especially in the prologue. Unfortunately, the simple and straight-forward narrative style gets kind of monotonous after a while. I do like that the beginning of the story throws you in the middle of the action and gives you just enough context clues that gives you a little taste of what life was before the reader entered. It adds much more depth to the writing that way. In terms of plot, there is always something happening! The plot sucks me into the story and urges me on to read more about what Poe is going to do next.
The only major drawback is that the first couple chapters don't give a good view of the main character. It's hard to say anything about her since all we can really discern is that she wants revenge and is smart. Nothing special there. There is more description of Call, a character that's not even there, than Poe.
Despite the weak main character, the plot is constantly changing, and I am intrigued to say the least! I definitely want to read more!