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This book blew me away to places I didn’t even know existed!! The depths I explored with Poe, ughhhh.

This is by far the best book I’ve read this year. Granted, I haven’t read that many *laughs nervously* but still. It’s phenomenal. When I was reading the back once I received it from BookishHQ (credits given at the bottom!), I was… hesitant. I like fantasy and sci-fi because it’s a form of escape from reality. But I was under the impression this one would be more internal self-discovery than anything else, and it made me hesitant to dive in. Remembering why I entered for it in the first place - how well the prologue hooked me - compelled me to finally read it.

And wow, am I glad.

The prologue isn’t the only gripping part of the book. I read it from start to finish; I couldn’t stop. I literally had no desire in me to stop reading. I needed to see Poe heal from her grief, I had to see her discover her worth, I yearned to see where I was going with the characters and what they would choose. It’s not preachy, but it pulls you in just the same.

The only way you’ll understand what I’m talking about is if you dive into it yourself. Go ahead. I hope you get as much out of the plunge as I did.

Thank you to Dutton Books for Young Readers, BookishHQ, and Ally Condie for supplying this beautiful arc to me! All the opinions in this review are my own :)

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