Amazing! We need more from Ally Condie!

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Why didn’t I read this sooner? This was a fantastically written dystopian/science fiction/fantasy tale. I was immediately enthralled into Poe’s world. The world building was wonderful and I truly could envision the detailed scenes that I read. When I first read the synopsis I thought this was going to be another pirate story as they’re pretty popular in YA at the moment, but that was not the case at all. This was completely different and even though I haven’t read the series yet, it made me think of The Mortal Engines. We have a futuristic ship that needs to go where it’s going while being attacked by outsiders. But we don’t know these outsiders or their stories. The characters are well thought out and have such great chemistry. The dialogue throughout was witty and intelligent. Condie definitely did her research and just proves to us, yet again, how great of a writer she is. The only thing I would change about this book, is to make it a series! We need more YA books from you Ally!