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4.75/5 stars! Wow! This book was exceptional. The premise of this book was everything!!! An almost apocalyptic world. A horror mystery. And end-of-day storylines. I was absolutely blown away by this story. There's always an extra level of awesome when a story has not only human but nature, in this case fog, enemies. Having only 92 hours to solve the murder was insanity of the best kind. I could not put this book down. The author added an additional challenge through the amnesia sub-plot. How do you solve a murder you can't even remember!? Ugh. I could go on and on. This book has been one of my top reads of the year. Murder mystery done as absolute perfection. I am frothing at the mouth to see what author Stuart Turton produces next. Do yourself a favor and rush to the closest bookstore and pick up your copy of "The Last Murder at the End of the World" today.