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The concept of this one was super interesting, but I didn't quite connect with it. I did enjoy the storyline and it did keep me guessing, I just wasn't as fully engrossed in the story as I wanted to be. I honestly do not think I will remember a single detail about this book in a month or so. Which doesn't mean it's a bad book, it just didn't hook me like I expected it to.

Overall, the characters that we spent the most time with were well done. It was interesting to watch Emory grow and have others see her as an asset instead of a liability. Her relationship with her daughter, Clara, and father, Seth, was definitely a highlight of the book.

The twist was interesting, though to be honest I didn't really care that much. I do think there were a number of plot points that weren't fully explained - spoilers ahead!

Where did the fog come from? Was it man-made? How did Niema know how to modify the villagers to survive the fog?

Overall, not a bad story and an entertaining read, but not one that I'll go back and read again.