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The summary gives away too much, which is annoying, but thankfully I didn't really read it before getting into "The Last Girls Standing." Which is a one of a kind book and nothing like what I was expecting. All you need to know is that Sloan and Cherry are the "last girls" who met, became romantically involved at, and survived a summer camp massacre, and that there's more to the story than it first seems. I was needing more less-predictable psychological thrillers, as well as more thrillers where I actually care about the main character, and this book delivered. I was invested in Sloan, and loved the twisted path the story took. It was messed up and exciting, which goes for the relationship between her and Cherry as well. I wouldn't read this book if you have sensitivity to heavy trauma and/or toxic relationships depicted in fiction.

The story is a bit slow, and there isn't a whole lot of action, but this sort of storytelling worked for me. Really enjoyed this.