Not What I Was Expecting

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In finishing this book, I'm still not sure quite what to think. The ending was in some ways unexpected, and I'm not sure the book earned the ending it got. The story itself was fairly gripping, I was curious what really happened and if Sloane would be able to piece together her memories. I'm not sure what I think of how things wrapped up. I'm okay with ambiguous endings, but this one didn't feel earned by the rest of the book. The emotional stakes seemed to ratchet up a lot in the last third of the book, but the story didn't totally feel as if it was building to that the whole time. It was a little disjointed and not in the way that unreliable narrators are, but more in the way the story was written didn't quite mesh. The messiness of the plot and the characters wasn't quite fully formed enough to be intentional. I'm leaving this book with a lot to think about, but I'm not sure this book was asking the right questions.