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The Last Girls Standing is a great YA thriller about Cherry and Sloan who are survivors of a camp massacre. I really enjoyed it and thought the characters were well-written. The plot was nuts and it really keeps you guessing as to what is going on all the way through the end. There were several red herrings and I admit they worked very well, I was fooled. The ending was crazy and I am not entirely sure how I feel about it. I feel like I am missing something and that some of the threads did not connect, however, it was really unexpected, and in some ways that is a good thing. I felt like a few of the storylines did not finish, or maybe I missed it. I never figured out the deal with the Rabbit and the Polaroids. I am confused like I said, I very well may have missed it because the ending was crazy and I may have glossed over it. This will make for a great spooky season read.