Get ready for a wild ride

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This was a doozy. If you ever wanted to know what happened after the horror movie and how the Final Girl is coping, this is for you. Shocker, the Final Girls are not in a good place and have formed an unhealthy codependent relationship that is toxic to their recovery.

This was a really compelling and twisted read that had me on the edge of my seat. That ending, though, it's hard to see a character descend into madness. Sloan and Cherry both had different ways of coping and only Cherry was able to get to place where she wanted to move past the events at the camp. Sloan however was stuck in the past, a past that she couldn't remember that ended up being the catalyst for her descent into madness. Sloan just broke at the end and could no longer distinguish reality from whatever story her paranoid, traumatized brain had concocted. In searching for the truth, she lost herself, and it was hard to read those last few pages because of it.