Loved this book!

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This book was excellent. I flew through it without even realizing it, and I love when I'm so immersed and interested that this happens. It takes on difficult subjects and complex characters, while weaving in a mystery and believable relationships. I thought I knew where the story was going in the beginning, and wasn't sure I'd be that interested, but I was quickly proven wrong! As someone with a degree and background in the medical field, I loved the descriptive anatomy and physiology terms and explanations throughout the book. The author brought these elements into the story without making it difficult to read or pretentious. Nhika was a likeable main character who was enjoyable to read about. Most of her choices (until the ending) made sense to me and I agreed with, which isn't that common when reading YA. This is 4.5 stars rounded up, because the ending let me down -- but I'll definitely pick up the second book to see what happens!