Dark, Gritty Romance

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The Last Bloodcarver follows Nhika after one of her healing scams goes awry. Her life is completely upended as she is captured, purchased, and convinced to heal the last witness in a murder investigation.

The world building is rich, and the writing is fantastic. Nhika learns so much about herself, her gift, and the true meaning of healing in this novel. We absolutely go on a JOURNEY with her. There's romance, betrayal, murder, and some key plot twists that make the wait for book 2 just downright cruel.

When an opportunity comes along for Nhika to do more than just survive on the streets, she absolutely makes the most of it and learns so much along the way. She's a protagonist that is easy to get behind. She feels so intensely, and she's very sharp. She's sarcastic and caring and fierce all at once.

I did struggle through parts of the middle to the 2/3 mark of the book. Something about the pacing was just too slow for me. BUT DANG. The last 100 pages really kicked things up a notch. It was dark and romantic, and I couldn't turn pages fast enough.