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The Last Bloodcarver is an incredible debut novel that tells the story of Nhika, a young woman with an unusual gift that allows her to heal others. Despite her magic being forbidden, many powerful people want to use it for their own gain, endangering her life in the process.

Nhika butts heads with a mysterious young man, who starts off as her enemy before their relationship develops into something more. This is one of the only examples of the enemies-to-lovers trope that I've enjoyed - both characters have reasonable motivations for their actions, and there is no cruelty, bullying, or abuse as there so often is in this trope. Their relationship develops slowly and authentically.

The world building is absolutely fabulous. It is a truly unique combination of a steampunk setting, Vietnamese-inspired traditions, and the beginnings of modern medicine. The prose is simple, but it allows the characters and the world they inhabit to stand out even more.