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I haven’t read a more compelling opening to a YA book in a long time. It’s rare that YA books impress me anymore. I’m so used to adult books that YA just falls flat.

But not this. This is brilliant. I’ve seen this book around on the internet, but I wasn’t entirely sure about it. The summary sounded interesting, but it didn’t hook me.

I would LOVE to read this. It’s books like this that give me hope for the direction YA is going. For so long, YA has been lackluster. I cannot tell you how many people I run across while working at the library that completely dismiss YA because they don’t think it can recover.

I’ve been turning to YA written before she who will not be named’s books, because some of those books have a spark of brilliance. And I’ve also been turning to some of these off the beaten path new books.

For those who abandoned YA, I can firmly say that there are good YA books out there, it’s just so rare that they get popular. Teenagers aren’t reading like they did in the early 2000s, which means that it’s up to us adults to save the genre.

It’s not the fault of the books being published, but rather the fault of the times, and also probably tiktok. Kids are more likely to get distracted by bright, shiny things instead of sitting down and reading an entire book. We did this to the next generation by putting technology first, and now it’s our responsibility to fix our mistakes.

I’m always recommending books to teenagers, and this, even though I’ve only read a few chapters, will be at the top of my list. This book has a personality to it, main character has depth, and the plot had me entranced for the better part of an hour.

Do not skip on this one. This is the future of YA, and we need to support it to keep more books like this coming.