Great for Self-Taught Knitters

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As someone who has just taught herself to knit in the past few months, I found this volume to be a useful tool in my learning process. It was a perfect collection of all of the terms, skills, and phrases I have and could possibly come across in different patterns, making it super easy for me to look up definitions and how-tos as I go through a pattern. The explanations are detailed, and there are also super helpful diagrams to explain what can't be done in words. I think learning to knit is easier done visually, which is why these pictures are so helpful. I think the only thing that could have made this book even better is if there was a companion YouTube page to go with it. As I said, learning to knit can be very visual, so there are instances when watching someone do a certain stitch or skill could be even easier than just observing a diagram or reading. But overall, this is a super helpful guide, and one I would recommend to all new, self-taught knitters.