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I love the use of one bold color and the white font choice. It makes it stand out while no being too busy. The small knitting needles in the center do a fantastic job of visually telling us the subject (knitting, obviously) without going overboard or being too busy.
Looking at the table of contents I can already get a pretty good idea of what it’s going to look like inside. It looks like the book will be split into six major parts; the introduction, getting started, A-Z of knitting, references, and the last two parts are acknowledgements and about the author (these two will probably be smaller than the rest).
The introduction was very brief, but to be honest I prefer this in an artbook. I’d rather as many pages as possible be dedicated to the subject at hand.
Getting started had a lot of the most very basic parts of knitting in it, so it’s a great tool for those totally new to the craft. I think it did a pretty decent job of breaking everything down.
A-Z of knitting is basically the treasure trove in this book; it’s a compilation of many of the knitting abbreviations out there. As a knitter myself (one with a not-so-great memory), I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to google what a certain abbreviation meant. So this alone is pure gold and if I’m being honest would be the main reason I would buy a book like this. The best part? There are even images to help with some of the steps explained (some of the more difficult ones, in my opinion).