What has history hidden?

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I was told this was gong to be a thriller, with death and mayhem galore. It's set in Savannah, Georgia, a place with ghosts and spooky happenings. I'm all for that. Only the ghosts are limited to stories told to tourists and the spooky happenings are human driven. There are deaths, murders no less, and mayhem, mostly off-screen. There is a big mystery, lots of history, colorful characters and tunnels. You can't really fault a story with characters named Boiled Liza, the Musician, Hatchet Head, Ransom and Jaq.
The story moves like a hot Savannah summer, which is slowly. Morgana Musgrove, mother to Ransom and grandmother to Jaq, is the linchpin of the book. She, like Nero Wolfe, send people out to get information. Once they return and report, she put their information together, trying to solve the mystery. What are (or is) the Kingdoms? What and where is the treasure? How can knowledge of the Kingdoms or the King's Soldiers be dangerous? Why is Matilda Stone, an archaeologist who mostly verifies building sites aren't ancient burial graveyards for local developers, missing? If I answered any of these questions here, you would not need to read the book yourself. It is a charming read for a mystery. I think you will enjoy it.
I received the copy of the book I read for this review from the publisher on Netgalley. I also read parts in a print copy I received from BookishFirst.