Southern charm and history fill this mystery

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Welcome to Savanah. This story is full of history and southern charms. Morgana’s detective agency is tasked with finding Stoney who has disappeared. Morgana enlists the help of her estranged son Ransome to help her and her other family members are slowly drawn into finding Stoney and unraveling a twisted and far reaching web of dark deeds that spans the city.

While Morga is searching so is her granddaughter Jaq. Jaq saw Stoney just hours before her disappearance and she was talking about The Kingdom. Jaq sets out to find The Kingdom and hopes her friend will be waiting for her there. Jaq discovers that the Kingdom might be real or it might be a myth, but when she finds out it is part of her family history she digs deeper and acts on her research.

It will take Morgana’s family and every talent and connection they have to connect the dots and save Stoney.

The characters in this story are often unique and always memorable. I also loved the way the feel of this gem of a southern city was woven into the story as well.