Unique Untold Story

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This book was such a fun book to read. I was hooked as soon as I knew it was from the perspective of Nannerl Motzart. I love how this book combines the fantasy element with the truth that Motzart did have a sibling and how she was overshadowed in her time for being a woman. The book was a pretty fast read, and I finished in one, two hour sitting. I already was a fan of Marie Lu before reading this story, so if you are a fan of her writing style you would enjoy this book. I loved the mystery elements of this book as well, there were several points in the storyline that you would not have seen coming. This book does feel like more of a middle grade book instead of a young adult. I still enjoyed it either way but it does have a childlike feeling when you are reading this book. Overall I would recommend this book to someone who enjoys whimsical books and may be a fan of Marie Lu’s writing style.